Daily cleaning

of offices, shops, apartments

In order for your house to shine every day with cleanliness after one general cleaning, which is done about 1-2 times a week, you need to refresh the cleaning literally every day. Today, you can vacuum, tomorrow at least superficially wipe the dust, and the day after tomorrow to wash the bathrooms again. And this is not counting cooking several times a day and washing dishes. And so every day! Our cleaning service perfectly understands the crying soul of each hostess! That is why we are ready to come to your aid at any convenient time to perform daily cleaning.

We are that team that really knows a lot about quality cleaning of any kind of premises. It is mandatory to sign a contract with the parties, which guarantees efficiency, safety and integrity of work. So, you can safely leave the house for the period of cleaning of the apartment or the house, and go about your business. You can arrange yourself a real day off — go for a massage or manicure. And when you returned, plunge into the cleanliness of the house and just relax!

How it is nice to arrange such gifts for yourself. After all, having a rest, knowing that beauty and order are induced in the house at this time, is a real balm for the soul. Only in this way the real mistress can be calm, and not think: “Let the floor be washed tomorrow”. Do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to truly experience life!

General cleaning

Facades and Windows Washing

With the onset of spring, before the holidays it is worth thinking about washing windows after a long winter. Yes, some believe that washing windows and facades is useless. On the one hand, this can be believed, because if the weather conditions deteriorate sharply, all work is for nothing. But on the other hand, any housing or office looks at times more spectacular with washed and clean windows, as well as facades. But in any case not to waste your time in vain, we offer the services of our cleaning company — and you will be calm and the cleaning will be fully completed.

Our professionals use only high-quality and proper tools and means for cleaning windows and facades. That is why even after a rain or storm, the effect of purity will not leave your facade.

Moreover, if it is necessary to clean the windows on the floors, starting from the second and higher, then the cleaning company at least guarantees your safety. We use special coasters and mops with which even the most difficult to reach areas will be washed well, without worrying about the appearance of possible defects. Do you want your neighbors to always be delighted with the cleanliness of the windows and the facade? Do not waste your time, order the cleaning services of our company today!

Territory cleaning

Remember, as a child at school forced to go to “clean-up”? Maybe you're still doing this at home. You don't have to worry about that anymore. Our cleaning company provides cleaning services of any complexity!

General cleaning of the territory involves not only the collection, removal of garbage and sweeping. This is primarily a set of measures and technologies aimed at improving the external condition of the territory. Cleanliness and comfort is the credo of our cleaning company. Ordering the cleaning service of the territory from us, the client receives a number of advantages:

  • The shortest possible deadlines for work;

  • Only qualified personnel;

  • Individual consultations, discounts for regular customers;

  • Loyal pricing.

When ordering the cleaning of the territory, it is very important to pay attention to the amount of work. To calculate the cost of services and terms, we offer to use the service of departure of a company representative for evaluation. This will help save time and money. If you have any questions regarding the cleaning of the area from debris and processing with some means (if necessary) — you can always ask them to the site manager by calling or giving your contact details.


Car Park Washing

At first view it may seems that the parking lot does not require general cleaning, but this is not quite so. Due to the constant flow of cars, it is necessary to regularly clean the area, otherwise there is a risk of accumulation of dirt, which will result in a lack of customers.

If you want to keep the parking area clean, no matter where it is located (indoors or externally), contact our cleaning company.

Experts will provide competent service and give initial advice regarding your task. Car Park Washing is done exclusively by qualified personnel. At the same time, special equipment is used to significantly improve the efficiency of the washing process, and after that — to reduce the operating time.

Turning to this cleaning company you get:
— an individual approach and the highest level of service;
— competent distribution of the scope of work in order to optimize costs;
— flexible terms for ordering services (loyalty programs);
— a guarantee for the result.

Regular Car Park Washing is a direct path to the success of your business. Do not neglect this issue, trusting the work to amateurs to save. High-quality cleaning service will lead to the best, lasting and effective result!

Post-Construction Cleaning

Undoubtedly, everyone is happy with the opportunity to make repairs in his home, apartment or office. After all, it will refresh the room, add bright and new colors, change round about “picture” in front of your eyes. In your dreams you can imagine how you go into the room where you literally just hung wallpaper or, for example, made a beautiful ceiling. But in the reality, everything is not so nice — you enter a new room and think: “It's beautiful, but you still need to clean up all of these! Then I will be glad … "

Our cleaning company understands your feelings perfectly. And we wish that at the end of the repair, you will immediately have the opportunity to admire them! After finishing of any work, even the most minimal, unfortunately, a lot of garbage, dust and other things remain. Our experts will cope with the task of cleaning faster than you can imagine. The whole team is ready to work to clean up your housing and truly complete the renovation.

In addition, some types of dirt during repairs (for example, the dust after the drill can settle in the most inconvenient and inconspicuous places) is difficult to clean with a broom or a regular vacuum cleaner without risking damage. We have a wide choice of equipment and materials in order to clean your apartment or house regardless of the amount of work required. Enjoy the results of the repair by entering your clean house!

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